Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Everyone has Hemorrhoids!

A Brief Overview of Hemorrhoids and Treatment Options
One of the most common conditions Dr. Craig Amshel sees and treats through his Sun City Center, Florida-based facility Absolute Surgical Specialists, PLLC is hemorrhoids, which are collections of dilated veins in the anus or mucus membrane in the rectum. Usual symptoms of hemorrhoids include itching, bleeding, and pain. While some patients might be embarrassed by the presence of hemorrhoids, the condition is a common occurrence that mostly affects those whose jobs involve long periods of sitting or standing at one time. Other factors that contribute to a person’s susceptibility to hemorrhoids include pregnancy, exercise, hereditary disposition, coughing, constipation, and poor nutrition.
While Dr. Craig Amshel generally recommends non-surgical treatment for his patients, sometimes a surgical procedure is necessary to completely eradicate the issue. Some popular non-surgical options for those with hemorrhoids include regular doses of fiber supplements and extra fluids like water and unsweetened juice. After a month of this form of treatment, most patients return with improved results like better bowel movements and less pain and bloating. Some patients, however, may need to receive a hemorrhoidectomy or other surgical procedure to rid them of hemorrhoids. Dr. Craig Amshel performs these surgeries for patients, and his expertise in colon and rectal surgery enhances his knowledge of hemorrhoidectomy procedures.
Regardless of the treatment method used, patients who have this condition are urged to take daily fiber supplements and maintain an extra fluid intake on a continued basis. For more information about hemorrhoids and available options for their removal and treatment, contact Dr. Craig Amshel’s office at (813) 633-0081 and/or